Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss is my first dessert the book that is not focused on baking. During interviews, I comment that I am best known for being the authority on cake baking with The Cake Bible, would like to be a pie crust missionary with my flaky cream cheese pie crust, enjoy baking bread the most, BUT most enjoy eating ice cream for dessert.

Rose's Ice Cream Bliss

Over 100 recipes, 70 ice cream flavors, toppings, and socials for accompanying cones, cakes, cookies, and pies. All presented in step-by-step style, with photo captioned sequences for the 3 methods for making home-made ice cream.

PRE-SALES have begun! Current pub (release) date is May 5th, 2020.
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Ice Cream Bliss Production Phases

You can follow and read our newest book's production phases through our blog postings below. Just Click on the Bliss Production Phase title to read the posting. 

sund4 y (1).jpg

Phase 1: It Has to Be Ice Cream! My 12th Book Coming in May 2020
Why make your own ice cream? Because you can make the flavors, combinations, and creamy textures of your dreams, but most of all, you can use the finest ingredients, and there is no need for additives or preservatives used in most commercial ice creams to keep them very becoming icy. Enjoy sundaes like the one I am enjoying.

phase 2 medium.jpg

Phase 2: Heritage Radio's "Life is a Banquet" Gets the Scoop
We were delighted to return to Heritage Radio for another podcast interview. Zahra Tangorra and Bretton Scott are the wonderful dynamic hosts of “Life is a Banquet,” who were all ears to hear about ice cream. Their inquisitive conversation, but casual style created the atmosphere that we were all friends chatting over cups of coffee.

black raspberry ice cream

black raspberry ice cream

Ice Cream Bliss 3: Testing Recipes
The joys of testing recipes, in which we did not mind it at all when we needed to re-test. Many of our lunches were ice cream. Our black raspberry ice cream came from our daily walks to harvest them from the many wild berry patches in our area. Many of our ice cream flavorings came from our area. We picked roadside peppermint and lavender from Orchard View Lavender Farm. Many ingredients came from local orchards and farms at the farmer’s market.
Rose's Ice Cream Bliss Phase 4: PREORDERING Has Started!
May 5th, 2020 is the pub release date for our book, but preordering the book—9 months in advance is now available.

Ice Cream Bliss Phase 5: Manuscript Read-throughs Finished
Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss has been written with a Mise en Place section and numbered steps as well. We then did read-throughs of each recipe twice, with one of us reading out loud to the other from the pdf, while the other reading the text from the hard copy.

MY PUMPKIN ICE CREAM after it was one of our many ice cream lunches from recipe testing

MY PUMPKIN ICE CREAM after it was one of our many ice cream lunches from recipe testing