Raw Egg Safety Regulations

Erica Question:Good Morning Mrs. Beranbaum, I purchased your book about a year ago and I think it is great I am planning to use your buttercream icing recipe for a wedding cake that I'm doing in December. I wanted to know if I should forewarn people about the use of raw egg yolks? Actually, I was also wondering if the yolks were cooked a little when I add the heated sugar/corn syrup combo? Thank you for your time. -Erica Rose Reply: food safety experts agree that the highest risk is for young children, the elderly, pregnant, and those whose immune systems are impaired. the hot syrup is not sufficient to eliminate all risk. since i'm not a food safety expert, i'd like to direct you to the american egg board: www.aeb.org. they recommend the following: 1) use pasteurized eggs in the shell available in some markets (pasteurized is marked on the carton) or 2) use egg product (liquid or frozen eggs). at the present time these are available mostly to food service.