Quantity Cookies

Henna Question: Hi Rose, I'm working in a new bagel shop/bakery and i am in charge of the bakery department. i'm looking to introduce some new items based on recipes that i use at home. at the bakery we measure everything in pounds, ounces and quarts. how can i charge my cookie recipe that makes 24 cookies to a recipe that makes 400 cookies??? i'm stumped and i've been looking for the answer but i can't find any clue anywhere? can you help me or can you point me in the right direction? thanks!

Rose Reply: i do everything in weights even for 6 cookies because it’s so much faster and easier. all you have to do is convert your smaller recipe to weights. make a batch weighing each ingredient and then multiply it. the problem you may run into is that things mix differently in larger quantities. you may have to adjust mixing time.