Prematurely Melting Moments

Mark Question: Rose, My wife has faithfully backed your chocolate dipped melting moment cookies for years. Last and this year her cookies literally melted on the cookie sheets. The cookie sheets are now professional grade, (so that isn't it). The oven has been calibrated. (so that's not it). She uses LOL butter unsalted. And watches them. What do you think is the reason? My mouth and stomach await your answer. Thanks, Mark

Rose Reply: yes—melting moments are supposed to melt in your mouth not on your cookie sheets! you say the cookie sheets are NOW professional grade so maybe that’s the reason. heavier cookie sheets bake more evenly but will probably take a little longer to heat up which means the dough can spread more before setting. it would help to set the shaped cookie on parchment on a baking sheet with one open side and then slide it off onto a room temperature or heated baking sheet before placing it right in the oven. this technique helps all difficult cookies to keep their shape especially useful when doing cut out christmas cookies. a good thing for everyone to keep in mind is that when things that worked for years suddenly stop, it helps to think really hard what thing or things have changed. even something small may be the culprit. sometimes the flour has a different protein content which will also have an effect on baked goods but in your case i don’t think that’s it. and don’t trust professional calibration 100%. if the things you’re used to baking suddenly take more or less time you know the oven’s off!