My Method for Mixing Layer Cakes

Altaf Question:I've tried your lemon poppyseed pound cake recipe. They are delicious, my family loved them. My question is: the mixing methoed you used is strange to me ( To mix the dry ingredients then add the add butter,liqiude. Can you please explaine the name of that method why did you choose it? Rose Reply: i appreciate your asking this! the lemon poppyseed is my signature cake. the method of mixing i use for all my cakes in which butter is softened as opposed to melted as in genoise or oil cakes as in chiffon, is called the two-stage method in the cake baking industry. it had always been used only with high-ratio shortening but my claim to fame is that i worked out a way to use it with butter. this method results in a cake that is faster and easier to make and is more even and tender in texture. there is no disadvantage to using this method but it is important that the butter be cool room temperature (65 to 75 degrees F.) tbe best description is cool but squishable.