Preparing Pans for Baking

Christine Question:What is the best way to grease and flour a detailed pan, such as a fleur-de-lys bundt pan? When I use solid shortening, gobs of it often get stuck in some of the details, so the cake batter can't fill in properly, and there are small gaps when I unmold the finished cake. I tried brushing melted shortening on, but it rolled off the non-stick finish. I've tried a spray product called Bak-Klene, which is an oil-wheat starch mixture, but everytime I've tried it, my cakes stick terribly, even when I use a silicone pan. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated! Thank you. Rose Reply: i've had great success with baker's joy which has grease and flour. sometimes it builds up more in one area so i use a little brush to get rid of the excess. my friend rich from nordicware likes to use solid shortening and then wondra flour. i haven't tried it yet but it sounds promising!