Using the Right Size and Type of Pan

JULIE QUESTIONFeedback: The last few times I've tried to make lemon bars they come out all wrong. Instead of a pale yellow soft filling, I get a brown crusty thin layer. Is it because I'm using a glass pan? The pan is 9x9 instead of 7x11, but I can't see that making such a huge difference. ROSE REPLY this is an excellent question julie because many people think that the exact pan size and type aren't important and you have demonstrated perfectly just why it is! first: when a recipe that has always worked suddenly stops working you must think hard about what you are doing differently or what might have changed. in this instance it is the pan type and size. and here's why it isn't working: glass is transparent so heat enters it more quickly. therefore when using glass bakeware, set the oven temperature 25 degrees lower. but what is equally significant, especially to the lemon curd topping, is that since it is a slightly larger pan, there is a thinner layer of the lemon curd so this also causes it to cook faster and the sugar in it is carmelizing and turning brown.