Lumpy Buttercream

AMANDA QUESTION: made my first chocolate buttercream icing for my son's 1st birthday. It was a disaster! The final product wasn't smooth or spreadable. It was clumpy. I practically lumped it on and patted it thin. Below were the called for ingredients: 3 sticks of softened, unsalted butter 3/4 c unsweetened cocoa powder 4 3/4 c sifted confectioners' sugar I think the only mistake possible was I didn't sift the confectioners' sugar. Could that have been the problem? Buttercream Help! Amanda

ROSE REPLY: It's been years since I made confectioners sugar buttercream. I much prefer chocolate ganache which is even easier to make, especially if you use the food processor. I seem to remember that you need a bit of liquid for confectioners sugar buttercream. If you prefer making this kind of buttercream, and it's lumpy, try beating in a little milk, a teaspoon at a time until you reach the desired consistency. Sifting the confectioners sugar may not be necessary unless its lumpy, but sifting the cocoa is a good idea.