Press Mentions

i'll update this blog entry with press mentions when they happen.PUBLICATIONS July 7, 2006, Associated Press (ASAP) Idiot in the Kitchen: Baking Brownies by Howie Rumberg March 19, 2006, New York Times. The Way We Eat: As Easy as... by Jennifer Steinhauer January 15, 2006 NY Daily News NOW Section, page 32, "Perfectly Simple" October 23, 2005, Quoted in Time Magazine, Ain't That Sweet! A slew of specialty sugars are taking chefs beyond brown and white, By Stacie Stukin Time Magazine, October 4, 2004: Article on home bread baking: "Heavenly Loaves." The Gourmet Retailer, September 2004, The Cake Bible listed as one of the top 25 most influencial books of the past 25 years. Bon Appetit, January 2004, page 17: "A must for bread baking novices and seasoned kneaders alike." Fine Cooking, January 2004, page 23: New books for every food lover on your holiday list New York Times Book Review December 7, 2003: Cooking Round up by Corby Kummer USA Today December 5, 2003: "for lovers of bread, here's a slice of heaven" USA Today December 4, 2003 "Just what you knead: 9 delicious reads " Santa's Favorite Cookies Magazine: My Chocolate Swirl Velvet Cake December 2003 Food & Wine, December 2003: 10 Best Cookbooks of the Year New York Magazine, December 1, 2003, page 104 "Flour Power" Newsweek November 17, 2003 page 80: Top Baking Books Publisher's Weekly, November, 2003: Top 10 Cookbooks of the Year