The Best Part About Writing Cookbooks

is the feedback... is the knowledge that other people are sharing the pleasure of one's work, and to see that one's little life is touching the lives of others.below is a wonderful e-mail (which i have been given permission to share) from a newly born bread baker! Dear MS Beranbaum, I am a salesman who called on large commercial bakeries in the Midwest. I have always wanted to bake good breads, did not know where to start. Last summer my daughter purchased your book "The bread bible" for my birthday. You have completely removed the mystery of how to get good results. The variety of bread recipes gives me the opportunity to make great things at home. Thank you for putting such a great book on the market. I will be giving copies to my friends who like to use their kitchens. Best wishes for the new year. Sincerely, Steven R. Alderson