Summer’s Sweetest Reward—Tomato Time

no it’s not a dessert, though it has everything to do with a fruit: tomato. and yes! tomato is technically a was my first tomato sandwich of the season. i haven’t yet made this season’s bread that is my favorite to support the costar but i happened to have three slices in the freezer dated july 2005. (wrapped well in a good freezer the bread remains perfectly fresh and delicious.) the bread recipe comes from my friend and “father of this blog” tim bennett of general mills. to a basic buttermilk bread dough he adds both fine and coarse cornmeal, both diced jalapeno and dried chipotle pepper, fresh corn kernels, and a whole head of roasted garlic. oh and some grated sharp cheddar cheese. i cut a thick slice of this wonderful bread, toast it lightly, spread it with a little mayo, top it with an equally thick slice of beefsteak tomato, and grind a little red hawaiian sea salt on top. when i’m feeling slim (which isn’t now) i add 2 slices of my favorite vt. corncob smoked bacon. i enjoy the sandwich on the back porch surrounded by trees and fresh air trying to sit down-wind from my husband’s herring sandwich, knowing full well how profoundly smell (aroma is a gentler word) affects taste. more on this at a sooner rather than later date!