Zito's Lard Bread in the Bread Bible

i've been waiting to post this exciting news until the new gold medal harvest king flour launched but now that any day it will be on the shelves i can restrain myself no longer!i was never entirely happy with the recipe as it appeared in the bread bible and finally got to the bottom of it. zito's never actually made this bread--it was made by parisi bakery and they told me the secret. instead of 3 ounces of prosciutto they use a combination of 6 ounces of prosciutto, pepperoni, and spicy hot sopresseta. They also add about 2 tablespoons of lard to the dough. NO WONDER!!! for extra intensity, they wait til the end of the day when all the meats have had a chance to dry more and use the hard dried ends. the reason i was waiting for the terrific new harvest king flour to become available is that it is the perfect protein content for this bread. if it isn't in your market yet and you just can't wait, use half bread flour half unbleached all-purpose. Here's a preview of the new headnote that will appear in the fourth printing of the bread bible, but if you have the book all you need to do is omit the bacon fat brushed on top, add the lard to the dough together with the water, and use the delicious meat combination (cut into pieces 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size).

sadly zito’s is now closed, but the bread can still be purchased at parisi bakery on mott street. they call it by its original name: lard bread. parisi shared another important secret with me that makes all the difference: In addition to the prosciutto, they also add pepperoni and spicy hot sopresseta. they use the dried ends of these sausages for extra flavor intensity. And they also add a little lard to the dough both for flavor and a crisper crust.