Update on the New Book!

i can't believe it--i'm actually ahead of schedule for the first time after 8 other books! i think it's because i have been loving working on this book such much i just can't stop into the wee hours of the morning. i finished the enormous ingredients and equipment chapter and now have only the special effects and chapter intros to do before handing it in.but loving the recipes and information so much i've been agonizing over what the visual aspect of this four color book would be. the best news is that we've chosen a photographer whose work i have adored since i first say it in "artisan bread," and most recently in "chocolate chocolate." there are many talented photographer but Ben Fink has something that is a rare addition to talent. he has soul. when i first say his photographs i immediately saw the love for his subject through the lens. it was my dream to have a photographer who loved his work as much as i love mine. so now i look forward to the next stage of book production: Editing and photography. i had a teacher in high school (music and art) who had never been able to afford to hire an orchestra to play his compositions so had never actually heard them performed live until he came to teach. that's how i feel each time my books go into production. the photographs breath life into the recipes. and i am blessed with a publisher and editor who believe in me and this book enough to give it a full score production. stay tuned!