Hector's 4-Layer Moist Chocolate Genoise

Hector sent me this lovely email and photos, and I just had to share...

I made this cake in 2005, after a 1 week notice of my good friend's wedding. She wanted chocolate cake and an off white frosting (was her second marriage). It was a 8 people wedding guest list, and I ventured to make a small but tall 4 layer Moist Chocolate Genoise, filled and frosted with Chocolate Ganache, inspired from Triple Chocolate Cake. I topped the cake with 16 pink edged Mouseline Buttercream roses. 16 is a Chinese lucky number meaning 8+8 (double fortune). The genoise and the buttercream were flavored with Moscato (Italian dessert white wine).

I hand carried this cake from Honolulu to Maui. I packed it in a cooler. I was also the witness, the best man, the photographer, and the wedding helper, so this cooler was glued to my body during the entire day. The wedding was outdoors (of course it was Maui), and I had no idea about the restaurant. Everything that day happened so fast that I can't believe how this cake made it safely. I do remember people saying "this thing tastes actually good" /H