Lisa Takes the Cake--to a New Level

This cake which Lisa Shepley calls "My Tribute to Rose Cake"(and I am honored) is so stunning I had the impression, for a fleeting instant, that I could smell the rose (not to mention that my head cold is still preventing me from smelling anything!) In Lisa's words, here is how she accomplished this breath-taking work of art. I sure would love to see it cut into!

The layers are 10"x3", 8"x3", 6"x3" butter cakes, torted and filled w/buttercream. All covered in white fondant, doweled as usual and stacked. For the "rose layers", I roll out fondant aprox 1/4" thick. First cut a piece about 2" x 4", straight on one side and wavy on the other side with a pizza cutter. Roll up to resemble a rose center. Press the bottom to make a "base". Glue in center of 6" cake by brushing the base with a little corn syrup. Cut another strip a little longer and form the next layer of petals around the center piece and continue until the top of cake is filled. (using corn syrup as your glue) Next, cut a little wider strips in same fashion and start on the sides of the 6" cake, overlapping and turning out a little at the tops to form a natural rose look. Continue to bottom of cake, making the layers a little wider so it looks natural. To color the tips, drop a bit of food coloring on a small plate, dip an artist type paint brush in a little vodka and make a diluted puddle on the plate. Wipe almost completely dry on a paper towel. Brush on tips making a little darker at the top of rose. After completely dry, go back with a dry brush and dust with a little pearl luster dust. (hope this was condensed enough!) Thanks again, you're the best! Lisa Shepley