Happy Memorial Day!

we're in hope already and it feels like summer at over 85 degrees.bought the herbs and impatience and am now too lazy to plant them. saw a black bear which crossed the road right in front of our car. wonder if i'll have the courage to go for my usual back road walks.... menu for the weekend: roast duck (defatted and hanging in the basement) with cherry madeira sauce (i promised to post as soon as perfected), last week's rhubarb--so good with duck and with cherries and sat. night baby back ribs. the only problem with sweet/sour sauces and duck is that they turn burgundy to a nasty flavor so i'm always torn between the sauce and the wine. by the way, i'm strongly considering if my next book should be savory recipes instead of another baking book (of course a few breads and cakes will creep in). i'm taking a vote so do let me know your preference!(of course rose's heavenly cakes will be the next book but i'm already cooking up the one after!) and have a great and delicious holiday weekend.