Corrections & Enhancements: Rose's Christmas Cookies

These changes have been made in the current printing

p 3 don't use a food processor to pulverize the sour balls as it may damage the container and blades
p 17 Electric Mixer Method: ...On low speed, gradually add the flour, salt, and the grated almonds...
p 45 Equipment:...fine shredding disc
p 55 under Wedge-Shaped Shortbread, cross out Decrease the butter to 1 cup (8 ounces/227 grams) and under Smart Cookie cross out the reference to cookies require slightly more butter...
p 89 Smart Cookie: just before  When rolling the balls of dough insert:
If you flour your hands before rolling the balls of dough, the cookies will be rounder, as show in the picture. If you don't flour hour hands the cookies will have more almonds adhere to them but will be flatter.
p 94 under Food Processor Method...Remove half the nuts (about 2/3 cup / 71 grams).
under Electric Mixer Method...sift together half of the  grated nuts (71 grams), the flour, ....(Note: the volume will vary depending on how finely you grate the nuts.)
p 100 under Caramel avoid spattering. Lumps will form but they will dissolve with further cooking.
p 109 in the chart, 1 large egg white 1 ounce/30 grams
p 117 David's Dreambars, in the chart, sweetened condensed milk 1 can/1-1/4 cups/14 ounces/200 grams should be 400 grams (note 1 can used to be 15 ounces/430 grams)
p 141 in the chart, 1 egg/1.75 ounces/50 grams
p 163 increase the butter to 10 tablespoons/5 ounces/142 grams
Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes
p 166 in the chart, increase the butter to 10 tablespoons/5 ounces/142 grams, the powdered sugar to 1/3 cup/1.25 ounces/38 grams, and the granulated sugar to 1/3 cup/2.25 ounces/66 grams
under For Both Methods:...cross out ...At first the dough will be dry and crumbly, but the heat of your hands quickly makes it blissfully soft and supple....Bake for 45 minutes.
p 167 in the chart: zest from 1 large orange,
p 194 Steeple...Cut the 4 quatrefoil
p 197 quatrefoil (not quartrefoil)