Dad's Barn in Grafton

A fellow blogger asked me to post a photo of my Dad's patch work quilt barn and fortunately my cousin Elizabeth Granatelli went up to visit a few weeks ago and took these photos. One is of her 91 year old Mom (my Dad's first cousin Helen) and my Dad in front of the barn.Elizabeth fell in love with Shadow's three kittens and took this beautiful photo of Shadow with one of them. My father calls her cat but when he told me that she follows him like a shadow I gave her that name. She's so devoted to him she left her kittens and found him at quite a distance in the barn, way up in the loft. I don't know whether to be more impressed by her ability to bound up the tall ladder in seconds or his to hoist himself up far past the last rung of the ladder. He told me he wouldn't let me do that and honestly I wouldn't even be tempted to try.