How Sweet it Is!!!

I’ve always imagined (and secretly envied) novelists who have the possibility of experiencing the pleasure of their stories come to life in the form of a movie or miniseries. I never thought there would be anything comparable for a cookbook writer but I was wrong and it has happened in a way I never could have dreamed!Dear friend and esteemed Canadian colleague Marcy Goldman of e-mailed me the following: “you've been case you don't know - I am reading The Florist's Daughter by Patricia Hampl - a memoir - and there you are mentioned for several pages 203-217 - It is a lovely tribute - just the mention!” Intrigued, I ordered the book immediately and it arrived 2 days later. For starters, I was struck by the quote on the cover written by my favorite novelist and much admired friend, Pat Conroy: “Patricia Hampl writes the best memoirs of any writer in the English language.” I turned to page 203 and instantly was caught up in a spellbinding web of some of the most exquisitely poetic prose I’ve ever encountered—and it was describing my book and my cake—“the White Lilac Nostalgia” from The Cake Bible! Here’s a sample: The Lilac Nostalgia stood at attention, its lavender medallions fastened like so many medals for valor on its soldier chest. A cake in dress uniform, in service to a sweetness worth fighting for. Interestingly, never once did she mention my name—I’m always referred to as author. But what could be better? The word author derives from authority. And I see that the author of The Florist’s Daughter chooses each word with wise and loving care. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than this tribute. I wonder what I could do to get her to write all the head notes for my upcoming book! Just kidding—but I must write to her care of her publisher--a note of undying gratitude for this blessing. I am now reading the book from the beginning and plan to read all of her other books—both poetry and prose. Here's The Florist's Daughter on Amazon, and here's a list of Hampl's books.