It seems these days, especially in Fall, that when I go away for 10 days it takes at least 30 to catch up! I took so many wonderful photos of our trip to Tuscany in October that I couldn't decide which to post so I posted nothing! But luckily Ruth (of the magnificent white faced ibis photo a few postings back) make this montage of photos which captures the spirit and mood of our stay. three bottle men (i always thought it should be three bottle boys but it was an allusion to something in literature) is the name of our wine group.The sunset photo was taken the day (or should I say twilight) of our arrival and Elliott proclaimed it to be the most spectacular he had ever seen. The group photo with the chef was taken at Arnolfo, in nearby Colle Val d'Elsa Alto, where we had an exquisite lunch. The man with the white beard is Elliott if you haven't already guessed.

The second photo is one I took which I called (with apologies to Jens) Pig Pride! The prosciutto was made from a special pig that Jens raised at Montecastelli. I love Jens's expression and that it betrayed no sign of the strain it must have been holding up that heavy piece of meat. The third photo is the view from our bedroom (we stayed in a restored monastery on the property of their home and farm, Montecastelli). More to come next week!