The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Home Cook and Baker

My first job in the food world many years ago was at the Reynolds Metals Company in New York City. The main offices were in Richmond Virginia but we had a satellite office set-up for publicity with no test kitchen. And it was this job that led me to return to college and get my degrees in food.One of my responsibilities was to distribute aluminum foil and plastic wrap to the press and to anyone else who could promote what a wonderful quality product it was (and still is)! My grandmother said she would have enough to be buried in foil but this turned out to be incorrect as happily she lived to over 99. James Beard was another happy recipient of roll upon roll of foil and plastic wrap. I felt like a female Santa Klaus and only I had the key to the store room. I wish I had sent myself more! I have remained loyal to Reynolds all these years and have never purchased any other brand of foil. So it is with great pride that I can tell you about an invaluable new product on which Reynolds have spent years of research. It is called Reynolds ® Handi-Vac™Vacuum Sealer.

Because I value freshness of ingredients and don’t operate a restaurant or bakery where ingredients are turned over on a regular basis, I use my countertop vacuum sealer several times every day to preserve baking powder, bread, nuts, fish, meat and everything in-between. But I realized when recommending countertop models that most people would not have the required counter space or available funds. So I’m delighted to report that this hand-held battery operated model is most user-friendly, fast, effective and, at under $10, highly affordable. Since I started using this system of vacuum sealing I’ve found that it is the appliance I reach for the most often, especially to store bread in the freezer. With a countertop model it is far too easy to over-compress and squash the bread from which there is no recovery. But with this hand-held device it is easy to stop on a dime. And it’s also easy to reseal the bag after removing a slice of the bread or other ingredients. The Handi-Vac™ is available in major grocery and mass retailers. For more information see: