The Popcorn Diet

Personally, I don’t wait til New Year’s to do this diet but whenever the mood strikes all year long. It just seems like an appropriate time to post it!

Melt some unsalted butter—preferably clarified. I use 2 tablespoons. Pour it into a small spice or other glass jar and keep it warm. (Use a thermos or your imagination to keep it melted.)

Go the the movies at dinner time and order a small unbuttered popcorn. (In 99.9% of movie theaters so-called buttered popcorn is actually oiled popcorn and to be avoided at all aesthetic costs.)

When you’re safely cradled in your seat in the darkened theater, carefully pour a little of the butter onto the popcorn. Slowly eat one popped kernel at-a-time. When you reach a level that no longer has any little pockets of butter pour a little more on top.

Consider this dinner and go to sleep shortly after the movie, before you realize that you might still be a little hungry.

Once a week and you may well have lost 5 pounds and gained some delicious movie memories.

P.S. The reason for the butter is the extra pleasure it gives to satiate hunger.