Dinner Chez Les Wolfs

During a recent DVD planning visit to Gold Medal Flour/General Mills in Minneapolis I finally had the pleasure to meet Marie and family in person. Of course after reading her extraordinarily expressive and entertaining blog www.breadbasketcase.blogspot.com I felt like I already knew Marie very well. And amazingly she was exactly and delightfully like her blog voice! By the way, her daughter Sarah is just like her which means she is also very much her own voice and person! Her comment about our meeting (afterwards) was "like two peas in the pod!" (Better than two loaves in the oven right?!)I was planning to do a full report but what with the copy editing swallowing up every waking second she beat me to it! So I encourage you to make a visit to her blog (it's the April 10th posting) and you will read not only her take on the evening but also see her husband Jim's excellent photos and several comments including my own!