Book Production Phase 7 Pre Design Meeting

Yesterday,in the pouring rain I delivered the 780 page copy edited manuscript . As there were no taxi's to be found (there never are when you really need them) I walked the one mile to my friend Maury Rubin's City Bakery, wheeling the manuscript in my new Magellan carryon bag that I thought to be waterproof. Much to my horror I discovered that the zipper component is not as the edges of the manuscript got wet. But Rebecca, Pam's wonderful assistant, assured me it got to NJ safely (and dry) later in the afternoon. I also brought slices of a flourless chocolate and walnut cake glazed with apricot lekvar (from the upcoming book) which managed to stay dry and perfect since I carried them upright all the way in an airtight tupperware container! Lesson learned--always put the precious manuscript in plastic bags and trust nothing else to be waterproof.We all discussed the look, design, and size of the book and I learned that Alison, the designer, had done what's referred to as a cast-off which gives a sense of projected book pages based on the present design. Again to my horror I discovered we are presently 42 pages over. On my return home last night I spent several hours deliberating which if any recipes could be cut and conferred with Woody who reminded me of a 12 1/4 manuscript page recipe that might be sacrificed. Thankfully I heard back from Pam, my beloved editor, this morning that she LOVES the recipe and doesn't want to cut it. We will try to find our solution through design. The one thing upon which I was insistent was not to reduce the size of the font in the ingredient charts or for recipe instruction. That's where it's essential to see clearly and easily.

I was thrilled with the ideas coming from Pam, Ava, and Rebecca who commented at one point: "It takes a whole village..." Yes, we are all on the same page, the process is thrilling, and all want the best of all possible outcomes for our cherished book. But I can tell you that caring so much about anything extracts a huge toll no doubt reflected in today's headache! Our next meeting will be a planning session for our last round of photography that will take place the last two weeks of July. August the galleys will come so I can check that all the changes from copyediting were input correctly. If Woody can come from MN for the week I will read to him from the copy edited pages while he checks the galley pages. If not, it will have to be a tape recorder and then I'll have to play it back against the pages...a long, tedious, but extremely necessary process which will (hopefully) ensure error free recipes.I just found out today that the Cake Bible is about to go into it's 43 printing! That certainly validates the effort. Meantime, for those of you who are interested in following the progress of the book production process I think you will enjoy seeing the notes of yesterday's meeting compiled by Rebecca. Notes from Meeting with Rose, Pam, and Ava 5/20/08 Color Palate - Experiment with using the pale salmon color less (not using it for Highlights for Success sidebars, for instance) -Experiment with another color to use in addition to the pale salmon (Rose would like to see a pale lavender) Chapter Openers - Will play around with the chapter opener chapter titles and the frames around them - The chapter openers will go to one page if Alison agrees that it works - Do not like the chapter opener with the vertical stripes (too trendy) Sidebar Highlights - Will try a different color - Need some kind of element to ground the hints-- perhaps a type treatment at the beginning of each one. No bullets. -Give the sidebars a notebook feel, like Rose's personal notebook Page count issues - Will explore decreasing the leading in the body text -Ingredients and equipment chapters could be in a double column or smaller font-- discuss with Alison - Cheesecakes and Flourless Cakes stay together - Tighter spaces between gridlines in ingredient grids - Process shots can be smaller - Line can increase by 1 pt - Captions for process shots will just be one line - Do not reduce beauty shot size unless Alison feels it is appropriate for that shot/recipe - Can put shot at end of recipe instead of beginning if it saves space and is appropriate - Chapter openers will go to one page Other Photo Issues - Need to decide which process shots are truly essential - Rose wants to add a personal element-- hands, etc. Other Issues - Ingredients list: for recipes that require a different number of yolks and whites, we will use a colon after eggs. - Running heads: Rose's Heavenly Cakes vs. Heavenly Cakes - No more changing of recipe titles