I have to write about this so I can stop eating it! several months ago I mentioned a fantastic bread I ate in Sweden a few years ago and that it was in an award winning Swedish cookbook in Swedish. A kind blogger from Sweden translated it for me and after spending several hours working it out in a user friendly manner for the semi-professional home baker I finally got to try it. And it is a winner! The challenge to working it out is that, for starters, it requires not only one starter but two--a white wheat starter and a rye starter. Many people don't have any starter so when I post the recipe I'm going to add how to add old bread dough in its place. And for those who do have a starter, I've combined the white and rye starter into one, i.e. equal weight but adding the rye flour to the dough. Also, I'm using my usual old and stiff sourdough starter and instant yeast. It's going to take me a few weeks to post this so it gives you time to purchase some pumpernickel flour (aka coarse rye) or medium rye and maybe get a starter going? It will be worth it.