Book Production Phase 8 Copy Editing Revisions

I know, I know--I already submitted the changes and answers to queries a few weeks ago but this past week I've been agonizing over the wedding cake chapter--always the most complicated.There is one special wedding cake that always dips about a half inch at the edge of each layer which means either you have to fill in the edges where it dips with extra buttercream or level it losing some of the cake. Woody and I tested every possible variation to try to fix this problem. What worked best was a combination of all-purpose flour and cornstarch but the all-purpose flour with its higher protein than cake flour darkened the 8 inch layers so with the longer baking time of the 12 inch layers it would be too dark. Finally we decided that this is one cake that requires cake flour and that we would compromise and level it half way between the edges and the rest of the top so as not to lose much cake but not to have as big a gap at the very edges. Of course revisiting this cake brought a few other things in to question among which was the buttercream itself. 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar should have been 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon according to the weight in the chart. How did this happen? How did none of us catch this? How many more things are lurking in other recipes? How can this be when we've gone over everything a hundred million times?! well you'll be the first to tell me when you catch any inconsistencies but as the saying goes: "Don't sweat the small stuff," because some things have to be rounded off so won't correlate perfectly from volume to ounces to grams. And some cakes, though they look similar, are not. Even one change in an ingredient may necessitate a change in another ingredient or ingredients. So don't take this on as a challenge! Just a little over a week til we film the tips at General Mills/Gold Medal. Really exciting. And now going over all the revisions with Ava. All this does not end until the book ships to China and then instead of being fully relieved one agonizes over it being too late to change anything in this the first printing! Nonetheless, I feeling very "complete" for the moment.