Elaine's 7-Cake Wedding

A Special Posting from Hector!A year ago, my cousin Elaine booked me for her wedding cake for September 13th, 2008. A month ago, she booked me for her entire wedding catering... I accepted with the only condition that her wedding will be called The 7-Cake Wedding. I designed a dessert party filled with small side savory dishes, and she is thrilled. Here are the first photos. A semi finished, 3-tier Triple Chocolate Cake, started last month and desperately waiting to come out of the bag on the wedding day. The chocolate praline sheets will be applied on location since it would be non-respectful to freeze Piedmontese hazelnuts. The second photo is some prep work for Rose's extraordinary White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream. You can see the menu (and the cakes) on www.hectorwong.com/elaineandmatt Please don't just say wow, instead lets discuss some issues I may encounter. You, bloggers, are my rock.