Golden Honey Oat Bread Revisited

Sunday, on my return from Hope, NJ, I ran right to the local supermarket to check if the new packaging for Gold Medal Better for Bread had arrived and there it was--the beautiful bright yellow package with my picture on the lower right hand bottom. And I lost no time in making a bread on Monday.

This is the bread recipe previously posted--just put the words oat bread in the search box. I was never happy with the photo of the finished loaf with the barley bran so here is a photo of my new version and a cut slice. I used the variation of part oat flakes and part cracked flax and added my old starter. i think i'll cut back on the salt by 1/ 8 teaspoon next time. Though it's the same 2.2% salt i usually use I think the oat flakes and flax somehow accentuate the saltiness. Anyway, I encourage you to try the recipe if you haven't already. It's a delicious and healthful loaf with great texture, and makes a great sandwich bread.

The drawer in the freezer for Elliott's snacks was getting very low so I thought I'd better fill it with bread for when I'll be away. I told him the bread was for him and his response was: "No! It's for you!" When I asked him why his explanation was :"You just love baking bread!" Can't deny it!!!