Book Production Phase 10

Copy Editing RevisitedI'm lucky! My wonderful production editor Ava Wilder was willing to send me an advance copy of the revised copy editing with all of Debbie's new queries in green (and there were many). So once again I have gone through the close to 800 pages, answering her queries on post-its as I will need to transfer them to the "pre-pages" for the typesetter Lisa Story (isn't THAT a perfect name)! I also checked all the changes Debbie made to the manuscript to ensure that they were in keeping with what I had intended. Debbie is most meticulous and has done a totally brilliant job of finding inconsistencies and moving things around to suit the design and make the recipe easier to follow. But there ARE over 30 changes I need to adjust which have to do with leveling batter in the cake pan. In most cases a small offset spatula works best but not when there is a center tube--you bakers out there will get the idea!

Lisa has had not quite 2 weeks to input all the many changes and codings. Thank goodness she has a reputation for being a genius at this as it is a staggering amount of work. Most of this is on its way to me right now and the rest will follow a day later. Ava has explained to me that this version of the manuscript is referred to as galleys and will be in the font and design we have chosen for the book. Isn't this kind of like watching the various stages of an embryo developing into a full term baby?! As soon as the galley pages arrive I will start transferring all my notes from the re-copy-editing manuscript to these pages and address any of Lisa's queries. I will have two days to do this before the arrival of Woody from MN. We will then spend an entire week proof-reading. I will read to him from the old version--the copy-edited pages--and he will look at the galley pages and make sure that what I read is exactly what is now on the page. Surely there have to be some typos and we have several proof readers in later stages of the galleys but for me this is the most critical phase of book production because it is the last chance to see that all the changes from the manuscript have arrived on the type set galleys intact. I'm hoping that Woody doesn't read this posting until later a I want to surprise him at his arrival with one of my favorite treats on earth---sticky buns (recipe is in the Cake Bible, Pie and Pastry Bible and Bread Bible--that's how much I adore it). There won't be much chance to bake once he gets here but of course I'll be making lunch and dinner every day. My theory is that cooking takes less time than sitting around at a restaurant waiting to be served and most of the time is more delicious as well. Phase 11 coming up next. I have til Sept. 10 to complete the proofing and then I won't be seeing the galleys again until January 2, 2009, the birth year of the book! But I will be completing the photos and evaluating the design so more to tell!