Hector's 7 Cake Wedding!

I know that many of you are really dying to see what Hector has been describing for many months so here are the three photos he has sent plus a description of the process:My cousin Elaine wanted a wedding cake from me, and I gave her all I can bake! Here are the cakes at her 7-cake wedding. First the wedding cake, an 8-tier 9-inch Golden Genoise cylinder with 5-inch and 3-inch accents, filled with pistachio green Silk Meringue Buttercream, frosted with green and white Mousseline Buttercream. Every cake component was infused with pistasha liquor I made with La Cuisine excellent French pistachio essence. Except for the roses attached vertically, cake was made fresh, chilled for 2 days, then transported fully assembled from Downtown Hilo to Volcano National Park: a grueling 2 hour 20mph ride thru country road. My brother was the only person that dared to be my driver since all my friends gave up on me knowing I turn into evil when doing so. I had a long stake on one hand ready to poke thru the center of the cake shall it tipped during the ride. It really helped that this was done at 5 am, and the outside temperature was 55oF! The second cake, is Rose's Blueberry Swan Lake. The meringue swan recipe yields more than 5 pairs of swans. I managed to make 4 pairs plus several dozen extra parts. Swans were made in my kitchen in Honolulu, then packed in 4 airtight boxes and sent via 2 of my helpers as carry on luggage. Only ONE pair arrived safely! This is the one cake out of the 7 that people came back for seconds. The following 5 cakes are miniature 3 tier versions of Copper Topper Mountain Cascade, Killer Kahlua Chiffon Mocha Glaze, Ethereal longan-lychee Charlotte, Triple Chocolate Cake, and Carrot Ring Cake. These cakes took me 4 months to complete. The above is literally my ultimate effort and for what a great cousin I have. Never have I heard from a bride allowing me to turn the reception into a cake party. At the same time this effort is melancholic, there won't be cakes from me for a while, since I disassembled my yellow kitchen, and moved to a location nearby where not even the plumbing is in place. The good news is that the hired photographer and videographer for Elaine's wedding were covering my work from 3 days prior and all day long on the wedding day, so I shall have lots of footage to keep my senses happy! Aloha to you all. Hector And good luck to you Hector in your new career and with your new flower shot/bakery!