Back from Switzerland--Well...Almost!

It was a wonderful trip and terrific group of people. I have some great photos and stories and even a recipe to share but it will take a little while as tomorrow starts the final round of photography for the book and will go the entire week til Saturday.This weekend is Book Production phase 11 3/4. Shortly after my arrival the corrected Galleys arrived and I've gone through the entire set making sure that over 1000 corrections were input. Amazingly there are only about 38 left--all minor and several due to my not noticing them before. An example is in the chart where I am using only a half a pineapple and the volume in the cell reads 1/2 which looks kind of odd even though the ingredient cell reads pineapple, halved. Each new generation of the book becomes closer to it's final appearance. The colors and design look so gorgeous it made the arduous process of scrutinizing text almost enjoyable. Now I can't wait til January to see all the photos in place. And I'm really excited about the upcoming photography. When I see the final cover design I just may pass out with joy! So many years, so much effort on so many people's part, the moment that the first copy is placed in an author's hands rates as one of the prize moments of her/his life.