Adams’ Ribs

We certainly have come a long way from the Garden of Eden! For one thing, we are no longer in a state of blissful ignorance and contentment nor are we easily provided with for all our needs. But lacking all that, and after generations of struggle, mankind must have done some things right as we were rewarded with Google?!I use Google in innumerable ways and one of my favorites is whenever going to a new restaurant I love to see the reviews and other people’s comments on favorite dishes. Being in the NY area, the review I usually head for is the one from NY Magazine, written by Adam Platt. His reviews are well –written and reliable. This brings to mind a story of how I first met Adam. The late Vinnie Scotto had just opened Scopa and Elliott and I were pouring over the menu trying to decide between pasta and grilled rib steaks. In an Italian restaurant the pasta always tempts me most but out of the corner of my eye I discreetly (or so I thought) viewed the magnificently charred rib steak at the next table at a slight distance from ours. The man enjoying it looked over at me, smiled, and said: “Hello Rose; would you like a taste?” When he introduced himself as Adam Platt, I explained that it was the rib I was after not the steak itself. He offered at once to hand it over to me as he didn’t plan to nibble on it (or maybe he was just saying that and being a gentleman!). I told him I’d have to share it with Elliott as he too loves ribs, and to my utter astonishment Adam replied: “Oh! My friend Adam here also doesn’t eat the rib so that one’s yours too!” It would have been funny enough with one Adam and one rib but the amazing coincidence of two of each was staggeringly hilarious. I promised I’d someday write up the story as “Adams’ Ribs',” but I hesistated for a long time because it seemed highly fictional. But who could think to make up such a thing! So with apologies and trepidaton, there it is! Incidentally, some of my favorite things in life are coincidences of which I’ve enjoyed many small and large. If you’ve read or seen the movie the Celestine Prophesy (which I highly recommend) you may look at coincidences less as some unlikely occurrence and more as being open to the universe which is a good part of its message and the way in which I now have come to view them.