Hector May Take the Cake

But it's his partner Luca who "takes the bread"! Here's proof: great success for the Basic Sourdough Bread at the Joint Astronomy Centre in Hilo, HI. I had Americans wondering why the bread tastes good even without toppings and telling me that with that bread they could eat it every day, and Europeans in tears of homesickness... thinking back to the wonderful breads coming out of the bakeries across the continent. Really, it was more successful than I could have ever expected. And topped with fresh pesto, olive oil, and the oven-dried grape tomatoes... Now everybody wants the recipe, for which I directed them to the Bread Bible, just warning them that it's 6 pages long, not counting the time needed to have a sourdough starter and the lack of sleep! Aloha Luca Brravo Luca!!! And start giving everyone your leftover starter so they can make their own.