Send a Salami to Your Dad Who Was in the Army

Those of you who are New Yorkers will have driven or walked by this sign many times that graces Katz's delicatessen and will know that it actually reads: "Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army"! This sign has been in place since the 1940's!Katz's is the place where that famous scene "I'll have whatever she's having" was filmed in "When Harry Met Sally," and it's home to my favorite pastrami, juicy if you please, which is a more tactful way of saying fatty. My 94 1/2 year old father, who lives upstate, has been complaining ever more bitterly about missing the food he remembers. I send him cake occasionally, and home-made orange marmalade which he adores, but finally Katz's message sank in. I realized that a hard salami would last for months and be just the treat he has been longing for. The salami, appropriately enough, arrived on his porch today, VA day. (Yes, my dad was a paratropper in WWII.) I wonder if Katz's will now change their sign?!