Did You Know (6)

That oatmeal doesn’t have to be mushy? And that the rice cooker is perfect for making stone cut oatmeal?!I adore the nubbly-creamy texture, flavor, and warm comfort of stone cut oatmeal but it takes about 40 minutes to cook and I don’t want to have to remember to stir it occasionally to keep it from scorching.

If you have an electric rice cooker with a porridge setting, all you have to do is combine the water, oats, salt, and I like to add a little brown sugar, turn it on (mine plays Mary Had a Little Lamb to let me know the cooking has started!) and wait til you hear the finished signal. These cold days, I also like to add a little milk to a bowl and set it in my oven with the pilot light—if you have an electric oven and a very low setting that works too. That way milk cold from the frig doesn’t cool off the hot cereal. Alternatively you can heat the milk before adding it.

For an extra treat I sometimes add a small mellow dollop of crème fraîche but that really is a perfect example of Rose gilding the lily! Here’s my recipe for oatmeal for one:

Stir together the following: 2/3 cup cold water 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup stone cut oatmeal such as McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Optional: light brown Muscovado sugar