I'm on YouTube!

At this hour I'm usually doing my one mile swim but with the temperature below 0°F I thought better of it. Of course I had the internal argument about how when I was at UVM it was often 14°F below zero and I had to walk a mile to class with the required skirt the fashionable above the knee length (or 'sherth'--would that be the opposite of length?)! But that was years ago. And NY cold is far less dry and far more penetrating.I'm also remembering a few years later, living in the West Village, and working at home as a manuscript typist, having to wear wool gloves with the fingers cut off as mid-winter the one room never got warm enough to keep my fingers flexible enough to type the 180 wmp I used to be able to hit on the great IBM Selectric. (I still have it--remember the little ball with the type on it spinning around?) So getting a head-start on the day, I'm losing no time in telling you that our dear fellow blogger Hector Wong has generously posted several of my earliest baking video segments on YouTube to share with you. This was before The Cake Bible. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/bakingwithrose If you are a member of Youtube you can subscribe to my channel to get further updates about new videos when they are uploaded, as well as rate the videos and share them.