Orange Glow Chiffon Cake

This is the first of a series of videos that will be appearing on YouTube but for your convenience they will also be inbedded directly here on the blog. These first six segments were taped in 1988 just before the publication of The Cake Bible.

Great gratitude to Hector Wong for transferring all the electronic files and to Rachael Ashe of Hop Studios who will be embedding them in the blog. It is a dream come true to 'go live' and be able to share the many techniques of cake baking in the best possible medium.

Please note that this production was done on a shoe string budget and my friends and I burned the mid-night oil doing all the necessary prep. I didn't sleep for 2 days before the production (it doesn't really show as I was 20 years younger!) and you will see that the chiffon cake is slightly burned. But the techniques are valuable despite some minor imperfections in the finished product.

There will be many more videos to come including a wonderful PBS show I did for NJN on the Indian community of Edison, NJ, my unforgettable and much cherished appearance on the Charlie Rose show, a delightful segment on Sarah's Secrets with host and friend David Rosengarten, my recent PBS show Baking Magic, produced by Marjorie Poore, and the segments produced by Gold Medal/General Mills for my upcoming book Rose's Heavenly Cakes. I never knew, all those years, when saving the tapes from the shows that someday I would be able to share them on the internet! Talk about 'brave new world'!