The Cake Lady of San Francisco

My dear friend Diane Boate, about whom I have written on the posting of the Daniel Patterson Alexandra Foote wedding cake a few epiphanies ago, has just sent me the most amazing cake she made for the Balboa Theater’s 83 birthday. I just had to share it with all of you and Diane, who is the soul of generosity (actually she even won Woman of the Year award for public service recently) gave permission unhesitatingly.Just in case you don’t remember, Diane is an amazing photographer, dress and hat designer, and was long ago dubbed “The Cake Lady.” There is nothing that Diane can’t make and she can even play the piano without music. (Is it fair that one person should have so many gifts?!) Diane wrote: I am calling this my Signature Cake (because I have been making variations of this for 35 years). It is your Mousseline Buttercream frosting with 60% Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate and coffee flavor to taste...... Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate.”

3 batters made and baked in 3 1/2 hours. Ah! or gan a zah si onthe bundt part - my mother's pan if you can do chocolate cabbage you can do chocolate kale, I thoughtcloned!separate single layerThis cake was gone in 15 minutes. Later, I saw folks pasting the crumbs together with their fingers.bundt pan cake with chocolate camellia leaves - the one part I brought home