Hector's Yellow Roses

due april 9th, and all chocolate cake, say no more I made these out of chocolate rose modeling paste. sugar flowers is not my specialty, but for this cake I needed a few, so opted for Cake Bible's Chocolate Rose Modeling Paste. It really works, I had to follow rose's instructions step by step since the last time I modeled roses was 25 years ago! the recipe is sufficient for 8 roses, plus a bit extra, and let me share with you that these are the most delicious sugar roses I've ever eaten. who can resist chocolate? even if no real cocoa butter is in? the smell of the roses was so chocolatey, too. next time I will use real white chocolate, it should work, but will be a little more temperature sensitive and not keep longer than a month or so on display. ok, I am so bad keeping you all in suspense. april 9th is Luca's birthday and he is going to get a very special cake from the Cake Bible. i am planning on the chocolate oblivion torte, thinly frosted with white chocolate, then wrapped with chocolate fondant, and adorned with chocolate roses (leaves, branches, and roses). if you have or have seen a copy of Cake Bible, you know the name of this cake already! p.s. yes, this cake is completely flourless, and just happens my flour bins are full of bread flour, go figure bread baking is taking over.