Rose's Melting Pot: India

In 1992 and 1993, respectively, I published my two ‘cooking’ cookbooks Rose’s Celebrations and Rose’s Melting Pot.(They are no longer in print but are usually available for a very nominal price through Amazon.)

In Rose’s Melting Pot, I included my recipe for tandoori chicken and the story of how I fell in love with the Indian culture and the wonderful month I spent in India attending a wedding of my friends’ family. As a result, I was invited by New Jersey Public Television to be the host of a show featuring the Indian communities of Edison, where so many settled in good part due to its proximity to Newark Airport.

I appear in several segments including a demo in the last one of tandoori chicken. And I did the “voice over” for the segments which feature religious festivals, music, art, and dance. When I took the train to Trenton, NJ, to the studio where I did the voice-over, I felt like it was a victory ride. When I was 19, and had left college, I worked in Trenton in a brake-lining factory, typing orders from one handwritten form to another. It was the most horrifyingly boring job I’ve ever had, causing me to make many mistakes in transcription, and it drove me back to continue my education in the hope that life would present a more promising occupation. I never would have imagined returning to Trenton all those years later as the host of a tv show , so beautifully produced by Linda Brown it was nominated for a Beard Award.

Here are all three segments for your enjoyment.