Rose Meets Hello Kitty

This is a funny story! During the photo shoot for the upcoming book, the food stylist’s assistant Jan Fort had a small atomizer that she used to spray a fine mist of water on certain ingredients. I asked her where she had found the atomizer and she introduced me to a fabulous store in my very own neighborhood that I had walked by many times but never entered: Pearl River.Many months passed until I finally had the chance to visit the store and no one seemed to know what I was talking about. Finally they passed me on to the owner, the very gracious and helpful Mrs. Chang who thought that perhaps I was referring to the atomizer for perfume that was very popular called Hello Kitty—so popular it was out of stock. I hadn’t a clue what “hello kitty” meant but I figured I’d risk it so I asked her if she would notify me immediate when it became available as I would be out of the city for the month of August. She said she could send it to me but the postage would be more than the cost of the atomizer. So I ordered two to justify the expense and to my amazement, when they arrived, they looked like this! And I quickly decided that though they don’t exactly match either my country cherry cabinets or semi-commercial stainless steel appliances, they are utterly charming. AND they do emit the finest possible spray for moistening breads before baking or my face when it gets too hot in the kitchen! If you want one of these be sure to ask for Mrs. Chang as no one else may know what you’re talking about: 212-431-4770