Hector's Cake Bible Graduation

This is Hector Wong's interpretation of La Porcelaine on the cover of The Cake Bible. My marzipan roses were rose red but of course Hector's are yellow like his "Yellow Kitchen." I would say he graduates with honors don't you agree? Here's his note:Dear Rose, your La Porcelaine is a gem (short word for how beautiful I feel your cake deeply is). Your cake is BEAUTY-FULL. Working with your signature chocolate fondant was a pleasure, I loved it so much that I will consider this as the only fondant to work with! Deliciously chocolaty, naturally cocoa colored, tastes and perfumes of chocolate... we should rename this fondant: chocolate drapery! (Click on the photo for a much larger version and to see the bottom collage in more detail.) I made this cake for Luca’s birthday. When he saw the cake, he felt the truth: I made this cake for Rose, for the blog, and secondly for him! When I completed the cake, he joked in happiness: "so, am I suppose to act surprised when the restaurant brings the cake out to sing happy birthday?" This cake is yet my most intimate experience: a (literally) hard cover tribute to Rose, and a cake heart with Luca's wishes. The cake is La Porcelaine on the outside, but the inside is Luca's heart: white chocolate, biscuit a la cuilliere, and raspberry flavor... cake components most interesting for him.

This version of La Porcelaine was perhaps unnecessarily complex. Perhaps, the many components and flavors cancelled or masked each other. But, with all modesty... I ate 4 slices thought the day (6 by the time I finished typing this story) and claim with pride that this utterly complex multidimensional cake WAS THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE. It turned a jewel, a delicate piece of confectionery with several layers of textures and flavors enhancing and complimenting one other. This is my Cake Bible graduation. The cake was first sliced at the restaurant party. Then, the same evening the cake leftovers was taken to Emily's home while hosting a late night pizza party for 30 people. When Emily saw the cake, she immediately brought out her copy of Cake Bible. The next day, I finally confessed to Luca: yes, I made the cake for Rose, but you need to know that perhaps you are the only person in the universe to have this cake for a birthday or for life! HECTOR'S LA PORCELAINE: chocolate oblivion truffle torte baked in a spring form pan lined with cordon rose signature ladyfingers. top filled with a soft pool of white ganache. chocolate fondant case held thinly with raspberry ganache. the highest quality chocolate. 9-inches round, feeds 30, $2500. TASTING IMPRESSIONS: when slicing the cake, white ganache oozes down in visual contrast and in sweeter taste over the dark chocolate torte. ladyfingers' dry and plain texture was a great palate balancer for the many chocolate instances on this cake. the underlining raspberry ganache makes the chocolate fondant complimentary addictive and delicious to eat.