Book Production Phase 15

I guess you could call it a pre birth announcement. Now that we have a final cover and presales has begun, it has become possible to add a link to blog home page for preorders from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Jessica's Biscuit.It was so thrilling finally to see the beautiful cover on the top of the 8 book line up. And I now have one copy of the bound galley, which has the entire book with soft cover in color but black and white inside. This is created to send to publications with long lead times and though not nearly as beautiful as the final book will be it feels so good to see it all there in its near final permutation. The wheels of publicity are turning and my old friend and publicist par excellence Carrie Bachman has already lined up two major events coming up in August and October. Last week the official book presentation was made to Barnes and Noble. This is the time when they are deciding the size of their first order so to "sweeten the deal" I baked two of my favorite cakes from the book to bring to the meeting: The Golden Gift Lemon Almond Cake. Rebecca, editor Pam Chirls multi-talented assistant, and I both had bad colds (aren't they always!) but this didn't stop me from baking or her from choosing the most exquisite packaging for the presentation. It was a sunny spring blossom golden day as we walked up Fifth Avenue, me to Jefferson Market to pick up a blue foot chicken for the weekend and her to drop off the cakes. It was a lovely moment to share.