A White Lie

I had to do it! While it's true that I started my trip in Paris (where I am writing from right now as I wait for departure to the US) I spent the last week in Devon England visiting Kate Coldrick (and family) of 'kate flour.' http://amerrierworld@wordpress.comIt was so hard keeping this a secret for all these months but we wanted to surprise fellow UK bloggers Melinda and Jeanette and it was the only way. Each drove to Devon from several hours away thinking they were meeting Kate for the first time and got the added bonus of me! It was so exciting I can't remember the exact words but it went something like a chorus of "it looks like Rose....It IS Rose...it CAN'T be..it IS! And their poor husbands were totally mystified as to what was going on. One quickly disappeared into a nearby store to buy me a welcome souvenir--a tote bag with the beloved Aga range logo! It was a magical time during which we, of course, talked non-stop. The husbands disappeared for a while but came back at the end and added delightfully to the conversationI I can't believe we pulled it off. Kate and I were so worred that one or the other might cancel thinking they could reschedule easily for another time. Jeanette said she hasn't been so surprised since finding out a week before delivery that she was giving birth to twins many years ago! (One of which--her daughter Ann--accompanied her to lunch.) Of course both Kate and I will be posting about our two week adventure from Paris, a chateau in Normandy, a ferry across the English channel (on which we were somewhat seasick but one of her daughters was doing perfect cartwheels on the roiling deck) and then Devon. There were many fabulous meals and lots of baking comparing American cake flour to kate flour. By the way, the UK bread flour for no knead bread is terrific. It seems to have a little of the bran left in as there are tiny speckles. A perfect trip and now happy to be returning to Elliott, the final proofing of the book, my new yellow baby rice cooker (stay tuned for the ultimate brown rice recipe), and my newish Mac. Love, Rose P.S. bean posting 2 tomorrow!