Publisher's Weekly Review of the new book!

What luck that my beloved friend and colleague Lisa Yockelson (of Chocolate Chocolate, Baking by Flavor, and many other wonderful books) happened upon this review and informed me that it was on the PW site.Could I ask for better affirmation of what I hoped to accomplish?! Here it is for you to decide: Rose's Heavenly Cakes Rose Levy Beranbaum. Wiley, $39.95 (512p) ISBN 978-0-471-78173-8 Beranbaum, specialist of baked goods that make people's eyes light up, tops her renowned The Cake Bible with an updated, modern collection of delicious confections. Bakers who have already dog-eared every page of that earlier book need not worry: this is far from a duplicate, with only the occasional repeat or adaptation. The recipes range from towering creations for weddings and other special events to baby cakes for bite-size indulgence, and from the simplest apple upside-down cake and yellow butter cupcakes to the elegant rose-shaped genoise and the stunning holiday pinecone cake. Beranbaum goes into great detail in her recipe instructions, yet still manages to keep the lengthy guidelines friendly, accessible and unintimidating, whether she is describing how to make a whipped ganache topping or beurre noisette, an integral part of her delicate array of financiers. Chocolate, fruit, cream, spun sugar: Beranbaum enlists the best ingredients (which she reviews in a helpful glossary) to create knockout cakes, and with her patient, meticulous description of the measurements and process, anyone with a good mixer and spatula, some time and determination will be able to turn out impressive sweet sensations. (Sept.)