Book Production Phase 18 Beyond Final

I thought I had reached my final posting of book production with Phase 17 but lo and behold it was not over! Yesterday I received a great surprise: the "folded pages"!I've written eight books before and never received the unbound book pages so this was totally unexpected. These pages come from the printer and are exactly what is in the book minus the end papers, box (the hard cover) and book jacket. I am stunned by the beauty of this production. Tears come to my eyes as I page through the book and remember all the hard work and decisions made by so many people of the team that created it. They have done it proud. I can just imagine what it will be like for all of you to turn each page--surprise after surprise. I remember feeling this way with other's books for example Maida Heatter's (putting sticky notes on all the many things I HAD to try, and I'll never forget experiencing this with Lisa Yockelson's Chocolate Chocolate as our editor Pam Chirls was visiting me the day before Lisa (who lives in D.C.) received her book and brought me a copy. I called Lisa and described everything I could about the beauty of her book production. Getting to present her with the best book in the baking category at IACP was a moment we both will always remember. (Neither of us knew beforehand.) So now that I've seen the actual pages of Heavenly Cakes I can be a lot more patient until September.