Kate of Kate Flour

Kate and Oliver Coldrick Cooking Together in Devon It all began with flour--Kate Flour. Kate Coldrick of Devon, England started posting the results of her research and experiments (that are on her blog amerrierworld.wordpress.com and on this one as well). She found a way to heat treat unbleached flour so that it would perform more like the bleached flour available in the US. As we began to correspond and get to know each other we were determined that one-day we should meet. Since Kate has three children now under the age of 7 but at the time under the age of 5, she suggested that I come to Devon. Never having been there but having been intrigued by the renowned clotted cream, and visions of green rolling hills, I responded that ‘some day’ I would love to come and meet some of the other UK bloggers as well. I didn’t realize that someday would come so soon. Rarely in life does every thing one plans plus more happen just the way one hoped. It did this time. Zach Townsend (see prior posting) was planning a stage at La Petite Rose in Paris (and we had planned to meet ‘someday’ in Paris. Kate’s mother-in-law’s one-week time-share in a chateau in Normandy was three days later. So we started planning. We each had an ambitious list of what we wanted to bake/cook/see/ and do. There were many e-mails with maps and phone numbers and backup plans and change of plans. In the end, it worked out just perfectly. Kate and family decided to join us in Paris for three days and rented an apartment fairly near mine. Then Zach continued his visit at La Petite Rose and the five Coldricks and I piled into one car and drove to Normandy for five glorious days of touring and cooking. We took the Ferry across the English Channel and drove to Devon where we spent almost a week cooking, baking and seeing all the special places that Kate had described over the past two years. The memories of this trip will last a lifetime so it is difficult to do them full justice without sharing several of the huge number of photos Kate and I took. I’ve divided them into six separate postings and, for a change, will let the photos do most of the talking. Part 1 will post next Saturday. Here is the breakdown: Normandy part 1: meet the family and life at the Château. Normandy part 2: visit to the market at Sainte Mère Église, and what we cooked as a result. Normandy part 3: visiting the Utah D-Day beaches and museum and the famous Tapestry of Bayeux that depicts in stunning detail the battle of Hastings from 1066. Devon part 1: myriad special places and experiences including bell ringing at the town church on Sunday, climbing the Dartmoor Tors, and meeting fellow UK bloggers Jeanette and Melinda at Dart’s Farm. Devon part 2: cooking with Kate and Oliver and finally Devon part 3: baking with Kate and what we learned from the experience!