PBS 113: Cheesecake and Lemon Curd Cake Roll

This is, quite possibly--no! probably, the creamiest cheesecake ever. A substantial amount of sourcream gives it a wonderfully mellow tang and topping it with lemon curd is my favorite way to eat it. Another terrific way to enjoy lemon curd and/or lemon curd lightened with whipped cream is in a gossamer golden cake roll also on this segment.

This is the last segment of my PBS series. There will be two more PBS appearances and then in mid August stay tune for the upcoming DVD, produced by General Mills/Gold Medal Flour to demonstrate more special tips and techniques from the new book Rose's Heavenly Cakes.They will start to air on YouTube with a link from the blog, thanks to the dedication of Hector Wong, who will also make them available in hard copy if there is an adequate demand. They will also be available on the John Wiley site in a higher resolution than on YouTube. THE RECIPES