Book Production Phase 20 This is IT!!!

This is the last day of my vacation with my now 95 year old dad. He has gained 8 pounds and I have lost 5. There have been breads, and cakes, and cherry pie, and roasts (prime ribs and duck) to come at a later time. I have learned that cooking and baking burn a lot more calories than blogging! But I had to turn on the computer just to share this terrific surprise experience: The Book arrived!It was "born" on my Dad's birthday, July 23, as it arrived at the publishers (Wiley) two weeks early, and was sent overnight to me in Hope where it arrived on July 24. I have gone through it page by page at least 4 times and have taken it from room to room so it is always there to gaze at and stroke as I pass it by. (I love feeling the raised spot lamination of the title.) Of course I even took it to bed to look at one more time before placing it on the night stand on top of The Cake Bible. As an amusing aside, when my friend Randy Johnson came to visit with his wife Cathy a few years ago, he looked at the lineup of my then 8 books on the kitchen shelf and said: "a foot of books"! to which I responded: "quite a feat"! My Dad, whose vision sadly is quite poor, also leafed through the entire book and had major compliments for Ben Fink, the photographer. My Dad was a big time amateur photographer, even developing his own photos. When he returns to upstate NY he will be receiving a magnifier from the VA. When his copy of the book arrives he'll be able to see the photos much better! The book is so exquisitely beautiful, so true to my vision of what I had hoped for it to be, that it takes my breath away, defying adequate description. Everyone at Wiley is astonished by its beauty and my dear editor Pam Chirls sent the loveliest e-card which I shall always treasure. This really is my last production posting as the book doesn't get more produced than this! Soon you'll be able to hold the book in your hards and see for yourself. I so look forward to your feedback. Meantime, I'll be sure to bring this advance copy to the Epicurean Event in Michigan end of August for anyone who is coming and would like a preview. If another miracle of earlier than expected shipment occurs, we may even have some copies for sale at the event. Be sure to check out Marie Wolf's blog http://www.heavenlycakeplace.blogspot.comfor more sneak previews of the cakes she is baking from the book and next Saturday Hector's wedding cake from the wedding cake chapter will be posted on this blog.