Normandy Part 2

Scenes from the market at Sainte Mère Église. Everything was so beautifully presented. Oliver is a fisherman (as well as a Veterinarian pathologist) and his enthusiasm for this market stall is evident! I couldn't resist the beautiful white asparagus with pink tips even though I prefer the flavor of the green variety. Our funniest moment came when I asked the fish monger how to cook the turbot he was recommending, "Dans un turbotier" was his teasing reply. I told him that was the only pan I didn't have. (It's shaped like the turbot--triangular.) He did give me the rudiments of a recipe and it worked out perfectly. You can see he is still smiling after our humorous exchange.

Kate's Dad and friends at the market. The crêpe van Who can resist a crêpe in Normandy. My choice was caramel filling. The bed of onions and tomatoes for the turbot recommended by the fish monger. We sacrificed a whole bottle of muscadet for the fish. After roasting it at 200˚C/400˚F for 30 minutes (covered with foil) I strained the broth, boiled it down, added crème fraîche, reduced some more, and then whisked in bits of butter. The left-over morsels of fish were turned into fabulous fish cakes by Oliver's Mom Suzanne (who is quite a cook and charming hostess) which was served with the left-over sauce the next day for lunch. That was the day that I went to see the Tapestry of Bayeux that depicts in stunning detail the battle of Hastings from 1066 but they saved one for me (none of the sauce, however, remained!).